Trash Picking


We will be running a Litter-Picking group called the IP3 Wombles (in association with Ipswich Wombles - Rubbish Walks) every fourth Saturday of the Month.

For now, these will be "virtual" and we ask that you collect in your local neighbourhood (following current Social Distancing Guidelines). If you have your own litter-pickers etc. please let us know the rough area that you'll be picking in and feel free to send/upload any images that you would like to.

We are able to lend you litter-pickers for the time being if necessary, and again, feel free to upload/send any images that you take on your travels.

This situation will remain the case until we are able to meet and venture out into the area in larger groups.

Saturday 27th March - All Day - Your Local Area

Saturday 24th April - TBD - TBD

Saturday 22nd May - TBD - TBD

Saturday 26th June - TBD - TBD