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The IP3 GOOD NEIGHBOURS has been set up for the community by the community.  We are part of a wider Suffolk Network of Good Neighbour Schemes which are supported by Community Action Suffolk.  We are looking to help people within the IP3 region of Ipswich who need support whether this be practically or just by being a listening ear. The group was originally formed to help people during the Covid-19 outbreak, but we have seen a need that will be ongoing and an opportunity to build on the increased Community Spirit that the outbreak has brought to the fore.

Volunteer Group


Helping Neighbours in Need and Building Community

As a Good Neighbour Scheme, we can help our in many ways.  Please see some of them below and get in touch if we can help!

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Supporting the Housebound and Isolating

If you are unable to get to do your grocery shopping whether its due to age, illness or injury and you prefer not to shop online, then one of our volunteers will be able to help. They will contact you to arrange what you need and how you will pay, do the shop and deliver it to you, socially distanced at all times. Please get in touch if you need someone to shop for you.


Being a Listening Ear

We know that many people are isolated and lonely and would really appreciate someone to talk to regularly. At present due to Covid-19 restrictions, this is by telephone but when we are able this will be Face to Face. One of our volunteers will be in contact on a weekly basis for a chat and will also try to resolve any issues. If you or a friend would like to take advantage of this, please get in touch.

Get in touch today and see how you can help or be  helped!

Bag of Groceries


A Pop-Up Shop will be available 10:00 - 11:00 on Thursday mornings at The Salvation Army Ipswich Priory Centre on Queen's Way, Ipswich. Anyone will be able to fill a bag with food for £2, no referrals needed.



Supporting those who need a Hand

Our volunteers will be available to do odd jobs such as replacing a light bulb, putting up a shelf or rewiring a plug. For people who are struggling with larger projects such as decorating or gardening. Please get in touch if you need any help.


Using our knowledge for the Benefit of All

Do you have a skill or service that you are willing to share with others? Perhaps you can offer babysitting services, or help with a foreign language. You may be able to bake cakes for special occasions or to tutor students with maths. If you can offer a skill please get in touch and we will include your offer on this site. Likewise if you need help with something a little different, let us know and we will use our communication resources to try and find someone who can help.


Linking Neighbours with Organisations who provide expertise

We want to use our resources to make the maximum impact and so don't want to be doing things that are already being done well by other groups and Charities. We will therefore look to link in with other groups and to signpost people accordingly so whatever your need, if we can't help we can hopefully find someone who can!


Check out our Community Information Page to see what's going on in the local area.



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